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  • Issue #111, July 29 2022 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Distractions! A bird chirping will steal your attention one minute, and then something else happens and you no longer hear it. Below, Cheryl Bond explains what actually distracts us and why. All of us at Insight Principles It’s always been a challenge to prevent distractions while working, but as technology advanced over the past 20 years, interruptions spun out of control. An average workday involves 50-60 interruptions and most are unimportant. Combine this with the “new normal” of back-to-back virtual meetings and you have a workforce that spends significantly less time in

  • Issue #110, June 30 2022 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Have you been perplexed by another person’s behavior? Have you wondered what to do or how to intervene? Have you been at a loss in certain situations? In this month’s newsletter, Robin Charbit explains why you get stuck and shares a helpful yet simple strategy.  All of us at Insight Principles Our clients often ask for our take on  particular situations - “What do you think?” or “What should I do?”, etc. To be of service, we always start by trying to understand how the person is thinking about the situation. We

  • Issue #109, May 31 2022 Welcome to Insights and Implications! [While writing this newsletter, we learned of the horrific mass shooting of school children and teachers in Uvalde, Texas. We are profoundly saddened by this senseless tragedy. Insight Principles remains committed to sharing an understanding of the human mind to help the world find more mental clarity, insight, compassion, and love.] Are you one of those people who can’t say no? Do you overcommit? Do you make promises you know you can’t keep? Are you afraid of disappointing others? You’re not alone. Read on to see what Sandy Krot has learned about

  • Issue #108, April 29 2022 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Happiness seems so simple -  babies experience it. Yet happiness often eludes us. We seem to have more important things to do. Read on as Sandy Krot describes what else comes with happiness and why we might want to just be happy. All of us at Insight Principles Be Happy The purpose of life is to live and be happy. Sydney Banks A mentor and friend to us all at Insight Principles is a man named Sydney Banks. I often listen to his recordings and read (re-read) his books. I recently heard

  • Issue #107, March 31 2022 Welcome to Insights and Implications! It’s Spring here in the northern hemisphere. It’s a time for planting seeds and watching new growth. This month’s newsletter hopefully plants some thought seeds that help you continue to evolve on your journey toward a life of more joy and less stress. All of us at Insight Principles Now You See It - Now You Don’t Life has been very busy this month. My work life was extra full of projects and programs, plus I hosted a house guest and a few social gatherings. This left little time to stop and

  • Issue #106, February 28 2022 Welcome to Insights and Implications! We call our company, Insight Principles because a huge part of our work spotlights the innate human capacity for insight. In this month’s newsletter Nikki Platte Nieves shares more about the mind’s extraordinary design to bring us new thinking and sometimes a whole new world. All of us at Insight Principles A Whole New World Insight comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s mundane, as simple as remembering where you put your misplaced keys. And sometimes insight irrevocably changes your perspective forever. After 18 years, one of my dear friends recently

  • Issue #105, January 31 2022 Welcome to Insights and Implications! We hope that 2022 has begun well for you. This month’s newsletter is about happiness. Remember that feeling? Happiness seemed nearly ever-present when we were very young and now can be all too fleeting. Read on as Cheryl Bond shares how we innocently limit our experience of happiness. All of us at Insight Principles Conditional Happiness We’re all familiar with the conditions we set for happiness: I’ll be happy when I lose weight I’ll be happy when I get married -- or divorced I’ll be happy when I have a better job,

  • Issue #104, December 30 2021 Welcome to Insights and Implications! This is our final newsletter of 2021. We could think of no better way to end the year than to share a vital and hopeful message from our friends and colleagues at One Solution Global. There are thousands of people all over the globe who are sharing an understanding of the mind with a wide variety of audiences. One of our favorites is the Chicago-based but globally-focussed non-profit organization, One Solution Global. Please check out their work here, They’re having a fundraiser between now and Jan 31st with matching donations and

  • Issue #103, November 30 2021 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Here in the US, we just celebrated the holiday of Thanksgiving. This holiday involves hanging out with family and friends and eating good food. But this day is also when we take a moment to appreciate the riches in our life. Read on as Sandy Krot shares her thoughts on Gratitude. “You aren’t grateful because you’re happy. You are happy because you’re grateful.” This declaration struck me when I heard a colleague share it on her podcast. We are accustomed to feeling grateful for specifics - sunny days, good meals, promotions, etc.

  • Issue #102, October 30 2021 Welcome to Insights and Implications! “R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me.” We are all likely familiar with this song by Aretha Franklin. You might know what respect means to you, but do you know what it means to others? This month’s newsletter explains how insights about your mind can help even though everyone will have a unique perspective. Over the past couple of years, I have had conversations with leaders that would go something like this: Leader: The workforce is changing significantly and leaders are not responding well. Me: What do you mean the workforce

  • Issue #101, September 30 2021 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Sometimes we try too hard to figure things out. We overthink and over analyze. And we don’t need to. Nikki Platte Nieves reminds us of our mind’s brilliant capacity to bring us answers, ideas, and new thinking, if only we remember to look. Every so often, for all of us, a dilemma comes along with no clear answer or correct solution. In these moments, it can be tempting to overthink, make pro/con lists, analyze, or look for more information to guide us. Sometimes we throw up our hands and turn to trusted

  • Issue #100, August 31 2021 Welcome to Insights and Implications! In last month’s newsletter we asked the question, “Why Are We So Hard on Ourselves?” and made the distinction between accountability and feeling badly about ourselves. This month we are borrowing words of wisdom from a colleague who comes at the question from another angle. Enjoy! We have colleagues all over the globe who share an understanding of how the mind works with just about every population you can think of. One of our favorite colleagues is Mavis Karn who has spent a good part of her long career working with incarcerated

  • Issue #99, July 30 2021 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Are you someone who tends to be hard on yourself? Do you feel bad about yourself when you make a mistake? Do you think this is a good strategy for life? Do you know anyone like this? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this month’s newsletter is for you. Read on for more insights. All of us at Insight Principles A few weeks ago I hired a photographer to take photos of my family. When the photoshoot was over I paid the photographer and she told me to expect

  • Issue #98, June 30 2021 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Change is an inevitable part of life. Some changes are welcome and others resisted. While the change may be out of your control, your reaction to change happens within your mind and is part of a creative process that is perfectly designed. Read on to learn more. All of us at Insight Principles Progress is not possible without change, and those who can not change their minds cannot change anything. - George Bernard Shaw I like routine. My husband frequently teases me because he says I have a “breakfast routine,” a “walking

  • Issue #97, May 28 2021 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Has anything ever gotten under your skin? For most of us the answer is yes. This human phenomenon can feel inevitable and unstoppable. This month’s newsletter shares some insights for you to consider. Read on. All of us at Insight Principles “Get under your skin” is an American idiom that means something or someone has strongly affected you - usually in a negative way. This has likely happened to you countless times. It’s certainly happened to me. I remember teaching one of our Insight Synergy Programs with a colleague. I shared something