Sydney Banks had a profound enlightenment experience which resulted in the realization of the principles that are at the heart of all our work. In his books he shares his insights in a deep yet simple manner. We have read his books many times and we highly recommend them. The books are available at Lone Pine Publishing and at Amazon.

The Missing Link

This is a beautiful, rich and deep explanation of the principles at the heart of the human experience and of our work.

Second Chance and In Quest of the Pearl (sequel to Second Chance)

Stories about one man’s journey from suffering to insight. These books embody the principles behind insight and point to the deep intelligence in life from which insight can arise for an individual seeking a new life.

The Enlightened Gardener and The Enlightened Gardener Revisited

Listen in as an “ordinary’ gardener explains to a group of professional psychologists the principles operating at the core of our mental life.

Dear Liza

A wonderful story of a seven year old and how the principles behind insight had a powerful impact on her life. A great book for kids of any age.