Unleashing The Invisible Power of the
Human Mind in Business

Experts in business and the human dimension, helping organizations,
teams, and individuals create extraordinary results.

About Us

Our Team and Company Background

We are a Benefit Corporation, committed to social and environmental good on the planet.

We are also a team of executives, entrepreneurs, and psychologists with decades of experience in business and human transformation. Collectively, we’ve led businesses and functions of large corporations, created entrepreneurial start-ups, worked as leaders and individual contributors, and performed business consulting and social services. In other words, we’ve seen and done a lot, and we understand the challenge leaders of business face at virtually every level.

We were fortunate to discover fundamental principles behind how the human mind works, revealing a crucial missing link in our understanding of human performance.

We refer to these principles as insight principles. They enable human performance beyond what we thought possible.

Our Mission

We are committed to increasing the awareness and understanding of the human dimension to evolve business.

Our Vision

A world where the understanding of the principles behind the human experience is commonplace in business.


Humanity misunderstands, in large part, the way the mind works.

This leads to inefficiency and ineffectiveness in business, as well as a great deal of unnecessary stress and personal unhappiness.

There is wisdom and logic built-in to the way the human mind works. When you understand this wisdom and logic, you uncover the mind’s infinite possibility for insight and innovation.

At Insight Principles, we help you understand and unleash the power of your mind.

our approach

We facilitate our clients’ success by tuning up the human dimension in any leader, team, or organization. This essential education on human mental functioning accelerates everyone’s access to clarity, wisdom, common sense, and capacity for insight.

With our extensive experience in business, we also act as thinking partners to help our clients solve or accomplish whatever they need


The following resources will allow a deeper exploration of insight principles.


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