We offer a variety of standard and tailored programs for individuals, teams, and groups, and whole organizations.

The formats vary, but broadly speaking, our programs have the following purposes:

  • Individuals: accelerate leadership and personal development
  • Teams and groups: tackle complex issues and/or create synergistic, high performance teams
  • Organizations: enable rapid and smooth culture change and strategy implementation

For Individuals

Our individual programs provide a foundation in basic human understanding. This understanding enables high performance in any sphere of business. It also provides core capability for anyone needing to advance their career, develop excellent leadership abilities, or refine their personal style.

Individual programs typically include assessment, preparation, and a foundation course in insight principles delivered during an individual leadership retreat. We follow-up with ongoing coaching to take the individual’s leadership to a much higher level.

These programs are available both for those learning insight principles for the first time and for those more experienced wishing to deepen their understanding and skills to take their work and careers even further.

For Teams and Groups

When minds are clear and open, the synergy available is powerful. The collective knowledge and wisdom of a group is usually enough to solve the most intractable problems. The speed with which results are produced once groups are operating in a clear, engaged, and insightful state of mind is nothing short of remarkable. Our results section has many examples. We customize our team and group programs, because no two situations are alike.

For Organizations

High levels of motivation, inspiration, creativity, morale, and team spirit flow when people are clear minded, aligned, and free to think for themselves. An understanding of basic human psychological principles gets to the root cause and facilitates an environment where people thrive.

Our organization-wide initiatives boost company cultures to new levels of human spirit and collaboration. The resulting productivity is surprising, significantly contributing to both top and bottom line performance.

Our organization-wide initiatives address issues including leadership development, large scale change (integration after mergers, cultural evolution, health and safety performance, morale issues during crises or significant environmental change, etc.), as well as improving creativity and business performance.