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Just Late Or In A State – The Only Place To Go Is Depth

We’re sure many of you have been somehow affected by the recent cold weather in the US. Life happens, as they say. And if there is one thing we definitely do not control, it’s the weather.

So, what happened when your plans went awry? Did you find yourself in a reaction, or did you manage to keep your wits? Either way, the only way you can experience anything is through your thinking, and, like the weather, you don’t really control your thinking. So, is there a way to keep your balance and inner calm without reacting?

There is. Sort of.

As we explain in our programs, we are all living in a divine illusion, created from the inside out. From the moment we are born, we are thinkers. Our senses pick up information, but our thinking brings our senses into awareness and shapes it into our personal experience of the moment. This is how we create our reality within each moment.

This is the only way the mind works. Although it can sometimes seem like the outside world is creating our reality, it is not. It cannot. Yes, there is an outside world, but we only experience it through the principles of thought, consciousness, and mind.

Often [mostly?] we do not see the illusory nature of life at all, no matter how much we understand insight principles, and then sometimes we sort of see it but still react in our thinking.

However, the more we see this phenomenon in action, the more we seem to be free of most of our reactions. For some reason, although we will always be in an illusion, simply knowing it is an illusion seems to settle the system. This is akin to getting surprised by your own reflection in the mirror. The minute you realize it is you- not some intruder- your momentary reaction fades.

In short, your best remedy is to deepen your ability to see insight principles in action. When you see this, your reactions subside and you return to a more balanced inner state: peaceful, relaxed, alert, and capable of clear thought and perspective.

How do I know? I am writing this from a plane that is three hours late, my fourth delay in four days. And what is my experience? Despite my busy week and multiple travel snafus, I am peaceful and relaxed, happy to be alive and writing to you. I know this is still my thinking but it sure seems like a nice upgrade from what I previously experienced in similar circumstances.

Wishing you lots of upgrades!

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