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As you know, our programs describe how life is a moment to moment endeavor. In other words, we are always at a (thinking) fork in the road. If we see it is thought, we can head toward curiosity, something new and unexpected. If we don’t see it as thought, we may innocently stay in a reaction, and who knows how long our experience might last. Both experiences are totally normal, and we all forget that we’re living in an illusion all the time.

Forgetting is what life is, but the more we know about the principles and the more we surround ourselves with people who know them, the more likely we will be regularly reminded.

This month’s newsletter features a story by one of our recent program participants that illustrates this phenomenon perfectly. We hope it helps you remember the forks in the road more often.

Wishing you a lovely start to the Spring season,

All of us at Insight Principles

An Insightful Anniversary

For those of us in the central part of the United States, this winter was full of snowstorms. One of them occurred the same day I had a special surprise date planned for my wife to celebrate our Anniversary.

I reserved a room downtown for the evening, made dinner reservations at one of her favorite hotels, and planned all sorts of small surprises to make her feel special. I asked her to select an outfit for the evening, so she knew we were going out, but she had no other information. She was so excited to see what I planned!

The morning of our date, I had a blast running around town getting the last minute things on my list. Normally a trip to Wal-Mart does not bring a smile to my face, but today I was excited to be there. This change in perspective was definitely my thinking at work.

As the afternoon approached, so did 7 inches of snow. As I trekked downtown to check into the hotel and unload our luggage, my mood darkened and I found myself cursing at drivers and the road conditions, blaming the snow and poor driving conditions for affecting my plans. When I finally picked my wife up from work several hours later, she said “I hope that the weather and traffic hasn’t put you in a bad mood.”

The light bulb went off in my head. I was with my beautiful wife. I could spend the evening grumpy over things I could not control (the snow and traffic), or I could enjoy her company and celebrate our special day at a slower pace as we plodded along toward our destination.

I chose the latter.

We had so much fun reminiscing about old times and planning new adventures during our slow, cautious drive. We also decided that the snow and the extra obstacle the weather provided made the day even more memorable and special.

Had my wife not pointed out my mood, I’m sure I would have stayed in my grumpy state of mind and my thinking would have ruined a very memorable date. Instead, my insight training helped me shift my thinking and we enjoyed the 2-hours it took to traverse 8 miles into the city, laughing most of the way!

-Aaron Woosley

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