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Sometimes it seems like circumstances have power over our experience of life. Below, Robin explains how this isn’t actually the case.

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Who Has The Power?

Before I came across the understanding we share in our classes, I thought life was a series of circumstances, some good and some not so good. I thought you had to manage the circumstances to be successful or have a happy life. I thought circumstances had power.

You can imagine my surprise, and to some extent disbelief, when I learned that life does not work this way. Life, in fact, is an inside-out endeavor. At every moment, the life force flowing through me (and through all of us) is crafting my experience of reality. Yes, there are circumstances, but my experience of them comes from within. Even if it looks like my experience of life is controlled by circumstances, it cannot actually work this way. We do not live in an outside-in world.

As I have come to see this more deeply (Note to reader: I’m still on a journey of discovery), I have realized that the power in my life is inside, and not in the circumstances.

A helpful metaphor is a boat at sea. I might not like big waves and strong wind, but when I’m at sea, sometimes this is what I get. I do not control the weather. Imagine that I do not understand how a boat works. I might steer the boat or position the sail incorrectly, potentially with dire consequences. I would be at the mercy of the circumstances.

Now imagine I do understand how a boat works. The waves may be big and the wind might be strong, but I would know how to navigate.

Whenever I seem caught in circumstances, the minute I remember where my experience is coming from – when I realize that I am misunderstanding how life actually works – I head back towards more dominion or power over what is happening.

When this happens, I am eternally grateful to have remembered where the power actually is.

Robin Charbit

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