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This month, Robin explains how things like stress and impatience can melt away with the power of realization.

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The Power of Realization

When I first came across the understanding of the principles we share with clients, I was impressed by the effect I observed. A wide array of capacities would manifest – patience, kindness, the ability to concentrate without effort, curiosity, and, of course, insight. I became interested in these effects, and since I am engineer, I began assessing (and often judging) whether they were present in myself and others. Am I/are they patient? Am I/are they calm, quiet minded? Am I/are they curious enough?

I found myself constantly trying to be patient, calm, or curious. In some instances, it also looked like my role was to tell people when these helpful capacities were absent.

With more understanding, I came to realize that the power was not in the observable result but in realizing that the principles exist.

In other words, realizing how the mind works.

Let me give you an example: a dear client – let’s call him Bill – had a habit of being stressed, to the point that his supervisor was concerned because Bill wasn’t performing as well as his qualifications and experience would indicate.

Bill attended one of our programs and participated in an exercise which entailed listening to his partner tell a story. The purpose of the exercise was to alert participants to the fact that they think. Bill did not enjoy this exercise. He had so much mental noise that he could barely hear what his partner was saying. When we announced a second round, he was extremely uncomfortable.

As we started the second round, Bill sat in trepidation, waiting for the noise to start again, but much to his surprise, there was no noise. He found himself easily able to listen and absorb the story from his partner.

As we debriefed the exercise, Bill was a bit dazed – what just happened? It hit him; the noise he previously experienced was inside. It was not coming from the world or from the circumstances, it was coming from his thinking. In an instant, he realized that the only thing that had been stressing him out was his thinking. He spent the rest of the program in a clear, peaceful, balanced state. Every time we have checked in with him, that is still the case, along with much improved job performance.

Bill did not explore his thinking. He did not assess how settled he was now or in the past. He did not tell himself to quiet his mind. He simply realized something very profound and his world changed.

The power of this understanding is what we realize, and what we see as true for ourselves in the moment.

-Robin Charbit

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