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Hi Everyone,

With holiday parties, shopping, travel, etc. added to the end of the year work deadlines, this is a busy time of year. Life can look loaded with “good reasons” to lose your cool, get stressed, and be grumpy. Here’s a story about another option. We hope you enjoy it.

All of us at Insight Principles would like to wish you and yours the most joyous holiday season! We look forward to sharing more insights with you in 2015. Look for the release of our book, “Invisible Power: Insight Principles at Work,” in January.

Happy New Year!

Robin, Ken, Nikki, and Sandy

Spirit of the Season

I was sitting at the gate at JFK airport recently waiting to fly home. It was early, so no one from the airline was at the gate counter yet. I looked up from my reading and watched an older gentleman dressed in rumpled clothes walk behind the counter. He dropped his suitcase and started to walk away, prompting an airline employee to shout in protest.

“Sir, you cannot leave your bag there!”

This, which startled the rumpled gentleman, was followed by second, even louder shout.


The gentleman became agitated and in a long-winded tirade, voice escalading with every sentence, yelled back to the airline employee that he wanted someone to help him, that everyone was so negative, people kept telling him what he couldn’t do instead asking what he needed, that nobody cared, and on and on and on.

For a few minutes the two men yelled at each other until the airline rep got out his cellphone and started calling the police. As he was dialing, another airline employee arrived. This was the ticket agent working the gate. The ticket agent calmly walked up to the agitated older man and said, “Hi, I’m Luis. What’s your name?”

The tension immediately drained from the older gentleman’s face. Soon the two were chuckling. Within a few minutes, all appeared resolved and the gentleman went on his way with his suitcase in hand.

As an observer to the drama I was struck by the calming power of a calm mind and human warmth. Luis developed instant rapport and soon clarity returned to the mind of the agitated customer. Whatever the problem, it was resolved quickly and easily.

As I face crowded shopping malls, clogged highways, and chaotic airports this holiday season, I hope to remember Luis. And I hope I remember that nothing “out there” can rob me of my clarity, warmth, and kindness – that the joyous holiday feeling really is (as Ken Manning would say) between me and me.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

-Sandy Krot

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