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It’s Spring here in the northern hemisphere. It’s a time for planting seeds and watching new growth. This month’s newsletter hopefully plants some thought seeds that help you continue to evolve on your journey toward a life of more joy and less stress.

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Now You See It – Now You Don’t

Life has been very busy this month. My work life was extra full of projects and programs, plus I hosted a house guest and a few social gatherings. This left little time to stop and smell the roses, or in my case – see the flowers. Let me explain.

One morning – in the midst of my busy schedule – my husband agreed to run to the grocery store for some needed items. I never saw him leave or return. I was in and out of my home office several times that day for various breaks and lunch. Later that evening we made dinner, ate, and cleaned the kitchen. When I left the kitchen to toss some stuff in our recycling suddenly I noticed …

A Huge Vase Full Of Flowers!

“Where did these flowers come from?” I blurted out. “I bought them for you this morning,” my husband answered. “You’ve been so busy, I thought you needed a little pick-me-up.”

I could not believe that this Huge Vase Full Of Flowers had been sitting in my living room for the entire day. I never saw it. My house has an open floor plan – it’s not like the living room is tucked away. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one big room and I must’ve walked by the vase at least 10 times going to and from the kitchen. How could I have missed the flowers??

Many of you are probably chuckling to yourselves remembering a time when you missed seeing something in plain sight. This is the power of thought. Your experience is crafted inside your mind using your capacity to think and consciousness makes whatever you think real to you. Conversely, if you don’t think about something, you can’t experience it – including a Huge Vase Full Of Flowers.

We refer to this as the Inside-Out Paradigm, the only paradigm that explains how the mind works. Our experience can only come from thought in the moment.

My story of the “invisible” flowers is benign – it wasn’t a big deal that my thinking missed them. Might you miss more significant things? Yes, you will. This is life in a human mind. It’s not cause for alarm, but understanding the phenomenon makes a big difference. 

After some good-natured teasing from my husband about the flowers, I paused. In that moment, as my thinking quieted, I felt how busy my mind had been. I know I tend to miss things when I’m speedy on the inside. So I rested in that quiet place a little longer.

The rest of my week was very full but I felt more present. I was still experiencing my thinking, of course. This never changes. But I felt like I saw more of the relevant things and I didn’t get ahead of myself. 

The human mind works only one way, from the inside-out. Remembering this helps you be in harmony with the mind’s perfect design. You get the most out of it and you miss less –  like a Huge Vase Full of Flowers.

Sandy Krot