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This month’s newsletter addresses a common question in our programs: How do I do this? Sound familiar? Read on.

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It’s Not What You Do, It’s What You Understand

Usually, by the second or third day of our programs, at least a few people are asking: “Okay, this all sounds good, but how do I DO it?” These folks are seeing the very real and useful benefits of our teaching, which is great, and perhaps they’re hoping we’ll share some techniques or tools they can use to make sure they never end up in anything less than a desirable mental state, with anything less than desirable thinking.

When this happens, we explain that our programs and courses are rooted in understanding how the human mind works. We can’t tell anyone how to do understanding. However, we can point out that understanding, and not tools, is really where it’s at.

As you’ve likely experienced countless times, the more you understand something, the easier it becomes to navigate and produce positive results. For example, people with green thumbs deeply understand plants and their needs. This understanding might come via observation, study, or simple intuition. Bottom line, they understand how to care for and nurture flora, and their gardens bloom accordingly. A gardener could have the world’s best set of gardening tools, but without deeply knowing how vegetables grow, his or her plants would not thrive.

Green thumb gardeners understand something beyond the intellectual or mechanical steps of plant care. Yes, they may have read a book or two on fertilizers and watering schedules, or maybe they even attended a master gardening class. However, their understanding of plants goes well beyond the intellect. Sometimes, they just know how to care for their plants based on deep intuition or insight. They don’t always do things by-the-book, and yet their gardens thrive.

The mind is similar. Without an understanding of how the mind works, techniques are relatively ineffective. What’s more, when you insightfully understand (know) that your thinking creates your moment-to-moment experience, you stop needing tools, because everything shifts. You remember that the source of your experience comes from the inside-out, and you stop attributing your reality to anything external. You see thinking for what it is- just thinking- and that’s all there is to do.

Understanding is power, and there is no end to what you can learn about how your mind works. We are always looking for deeper and deeper levels of understanding to share with you, and we hope you do the same.

-Nikki Platte

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