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In our programs, people often ask if learning Insight Principles will mean they won’t feel anything, or won’t care about their jobs. In this newsletter, we’d like to put your minds at ease, as nothing could be further from the truth.

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Feelingless? Or Feeling Full?

Throughout time, artists have described their most incredibly productive states as being timeless, containing very little of the self. “I didn’t do it,” they’ll say. The work just came through me.” Writers say their story “wrote itself.” Athletes describe a similar state of being in the zone, or in flow, where everything seems clear and easy, and they effortlessly know the location of their teammates without even looking.

We’ve all had similar experiences. Maybe you’ve found yourself deeply engrossed in your work, totally focused and finding solutions easily. Or maybe you’ve gone for a run and before you know it, you’re back and aren’t sure where the miles went. During these times, would you say you didn’t care? Or were you just so focused and free that your mind was clear without much extraneous thinking?

During these times, your thinking has quieted, giving you a direct line to a greater, universal intelligence, the same intelligence that has been running the show since the beginning of time. You are always connected to this intelligence, and it naturally shows up whenever your mind is quiet enough to receive it.

The most helpful thing you can do to allow your mind to flow more often is to deepen your understanding of the fact that the mind works only one way.

When you understand the inside-out nature of experience you can explain and understand what’s happening behind the scenes of your mental life. You will not have fewer feelings, but you will know that events, circumstances, and other people cannot dictate how you feel in the moment. Having this understanding helps you make sense of your own mental experience, which, in turn, frees your mind to be in harmony with the deeper wisdom and intelligence in all of us.

The best part? You get to keep your passion. Passion combined with a clear, focused, flowingly creative mind is a tough thing to top.

Just ask Michelangelo.

-Nikki Platte

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