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“I Can’t Hear You”- We All Live In A World Created By Thought

I was with a client while they were receiving some positive feedback. During the conversation she kept saying, “I can’t hear you”. This was curious, especially since we were pointing out her strengths! Afterward, I asked her what she meant since it was clear that she had been hearing the words. She explained that she was hearing the feedback intellectually but it was not landing deeply, at a visceral level. In other words, she heard dry information but without any effect.

This triggered an insight in me.

I realized that I often communicate with people at a thin or even superficial level of impact. I suddenly understood why. Conversely, I also remembered moments in my life when I had been profoundly impacted by what someone had said.

Clearly, there are different levels of hearing.

My insight reminded me that the principles are working in everyone. The thinking that a person is having at the moment I am speaking is affecting how well they can hear what I am saying. In this case, my client’s thinking wasn’t allowing her to really connect with the positive things we were sharing with her. Her head was swimming in insecure thinking, so she couldn’t – in that moment- connect with our words.

Although I already knew this at some level, this insight made me realize that I am always talking to another thinker, and that a person’s thinking could prevent my message from truly sinking in.

Since this insight, I look to see how the words are landing. This has really allowed me to communicate more deeply with greater impact.

-Robin Charbit

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