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This month, we talk about how an understanding of Insight Principles can help you when working with people very different from you. As our own team has seen, high amounts of synergy – even on teams of distinct personalities – are definitely more than possible. We hope the same for you.

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The Difference Is Insight

Our Insight Principles core team, although small, boasts a pretty diverse set of personalities and ways of thinking. Like all teams, we frequently work on projects that require everyone’s input, and we don’t always see things the same way. Robin is logical and methodical with a sharp, scientific mind. Ken feels things deeply and has a strong intellect and intuition. Sandy is a reflective planner with an eye for detail. Nikki is a big-picture thinker and relies heavily on instinct. We work closely together on all projects, and just like all teams, we’re presented with plenty of opportunities to disagree.

We could easily drive each other crazy.

And sometimes we do, but, at the risk of sounding like we’re tooting our own horn, our team functions extremely well. Regardless of the topic, our meetings are productive, energizing, and usually characterized by humor and lightness.

Why? Because we’re all operating with the same understanding, and when a group of people all know that their experience of life is generated from the inside out, and NOT by the people or circumstances around them, we stay balanced.

Don’t get me wrong, we definitely have our moments. We get charged and frustrated just like everyone else. But those moments don’t last long, and they never result in long-standing resentment or frustration. When we disagree, our understanding encourages us to look inward, which makes us genuinely curious and interested in learning more about our colleagues’ perspectives. We have synergistic conversations about our disagreements, and end up leaving the conversation with something better than when we started.

We are four people with four very different personalities holding a deep respect for each other, as well as the wisdom of our group. This deep respect, not only for the wisdom in the group, but the wisdom of the insight principles themselves, has seen us through some tough conversations and difficult projects.

Our team is a testament to the possibility of working extremely effectively with people very different from you.

All it takes is some insight and a healthy dose of the right understanding.

-Nikki Platte

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