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Our Design for Success

In our programs and book (Invisible Power: Insight Principles At Work), we make the bold statement that the human mind is designed for success. We do not mean that the mind is designed to bring us monetary success or prestige or power, but rather that the mind is designed to serve us and make possible a life of well being and inevitable evolution.

Many people resonate with this message. Others feel downright relieved. Some, however, are skeptical. We understand the skepticism. Human beings can do scary and unkind things. Humans get a lot of bad press in the daily news. We get it.

I remember the first time I went sea kayaking. Sea kayaks are long, narrow boats. Mine was 16 feet long and a mere 22 inches wide. Once away from shore, I started rocking back and forth, dipping my paddle in the water in an attempt to find stability.

My friend shouted, “Sandy, what are you doing?” “I’m trying to get my balance,” I called back. “Well, quit it! The boat has built-in stability. Just sit still and you will be fine.” I soon discovered he was right.

When we state that the human mind is designed for success, we don’t want you to take our word for it. Here is the evidence we’d like you to observe for yourself:

  1. The mind can work only one way. The mind crafts the reality we experience from the inside – out via the power of thought. This means we feel our thinking, not what happens or what others say to us. Without this brilliant design, we would be helpless victims of mean words or bad circumstances, or forever dependent on outside forces for our happiness. We do not control the power of thought, but when we realize the mind’s design – how thought actually works – we gain freedom.
  2. Resilience is built into the mind. Countless studies reveal what most have already observed – adversity does not equal permanent distress. Most people bounce back, even from tragic events. Distress is a feeling born out of thought, not caused by circumstances. Our thinking can change, bringing with it a new perspective, acceptance, or the motivation to act.
  3. The mind is equipped with the capacity for insight. From infancy, insight has been the horsepower behind all learning we needed to survive and thrive. While a quiet, reflective mind is fertile ground for insight, the human mind is capable of having a new, potentially game-changing thought at any time, under any circumstances.

Take a moment and remember a time when you were at peace. Look closely at what inner qualities came online. People usually list the following qualities: calmness, contentment, presence, mental clarity, connection to others, heightened senses, focus.

What’s on your list? Did you work to bring these qualities to life or did they just show up?

The human mind – much like my kayak – is brilliantly designed. Can you rock the boat? Absolutely. But isn’t it good to know that the design is working for you?

-Sandy Krot

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