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It’s vacation season! Below, Robin shows us how the intelligence inside helps us relax…regardless of where we are.

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It Isn’t The Beach

This time of year, many of us head to the beach or to some other place to relax, change the scenery, reconnect with family, and generally recharge our batteries.

When we return home, hopefully refreshed, we typically tell our friends and colleagues how good it was to get away, how the mountain air is really reviving, or how restful it was to be on the beach doing nothing.

In these moments, we forget that a vacation is not actually the cause of our good feeling.

Take the beach, for example. While you were gently lying there, did you make yourself relax? Did you actively empty your mind, or did you eventually seem to just get there? I’m sure there were times when you were thinking about life, work, and the universe and you were not relaxed or empty minded. So, clearly it’s not the beach.

Operating on our behalf, behind the scenes, is an incredible amount of intelligence that is built into the system. If we allow it, this intelligence knows how to slow us down, clarify our thoughts, replace them with other thoughts, and generally head us towards a place of balance, peace, and ease.

This capacity is always with us, independent of the sand, mountains, or any other circumstance.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating the abolition of holidays, just trying to ensure that credit goes where credit is due. Plus, knowing this means you can be “on the beach” psychologically anytime and anywhere!

Happy holidays.

– Robin Charbit

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