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Issue #25, September 2015

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This month, in a slight departure from our usual, we’re sharing some exciting news- we published a book, Invisible Power, Insight Principles at Work. Writing it was an 22 month process, and we’re thrilled with the result. To celebrate, we’ve included an excerpt below. We hope you enjoy. For more details on the book, visit our website:

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Your Mind Has A Built-In Design For Success

Everyone in this world shares the same innate source of wisdom, but it is hidden by the tangle of our own misguided personal thoughts.
– Sydney Banks

Jim Abbott is an example of someone who achieved remarkable results in life. Even more remarkable is that he did so in the face of a disadvantage most of us will never face. Jim may or may not have been able to articulate how or why his mind had a built-in design for success, but he is a living example of it.

In 1993 Jim Abbott pitched a no-hitter for the New York Yankees. This list of people who have pitched a complete game in Major League Baseball without allowing one hit is very short. The list Abbott is on is even shorter, because Abbott was born without a right hand.

Early in his career, Abbott was interviewed by a television reporter who asked him a rather predictable question: “What is like to pitch with a handicap?” Abbott replied with a straight face, “What handicap?” Flustered, the reporter blurted, “You don’t have a right hand!”

As if this was news to Abbott.

Abbott finally let the reporter off the hook and graciously explained that he’d never thought of himself as handicapped. His parents did not use the term handicapped and did not treat him differently from his siblings. He loved baseball and pitching, and it simply never crossed his mind that he couldn’t compete.

Without thinking about limitations, Abbott’s innate talent rose unfettered to the surface.

The beauty of Jim’s story is that it illustrates how the innate capabilities of his mental equipment allowed him to achieve his success. It never occurred to him that he was limited. He did not conjure up positive thoughts. In the absence of any thinking about his condition, the system seemed to provide him everything he needed. Though Jim certainly had a great environment in which to create his success, we are interested in the inner resources that allowed him to stay on the cutting edge of his creative journey.

We are not intending to be inspirational here, just pragmatic about the fabulous equipment you have inside. If you understand these basic capacities within yourself, you will naturally see how to be at your best more easily. Your life and your results will also be much more enjoyable and rewarding.

The internal mechanics of life are miraculous and operate invisibly behind the scenes while you are busy doing things and thinking about what you are interested in. Learning about your innate mental capacities can save you a great deal of time and energy, as well as enable more productivity and joy.

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