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  • Issue #66, February 2019 Welcome to Insights and Implications! This month, Robin Charbit shares what he sees about the mind’s capacity to bring insight. To borrow a phrase from Mick Jagger, “We can’t always get what we want...but we get what we need.” Thanks Robin for your contribution. All of us at Insight Principles   Not Getting What You Want? Sometimes you get what you don’t want. I’m not referring to the ugly socks you got at Christmas. I’m referring to events that happen that are unplanned and unwelcomed. An extreme example is the death of someone dear. Or it could be

  • Issue #65, January 2019 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Are you busy? Chances are, your answer is yes. But are you busy doing what‘s important to you? Or do you feel that someone else is dictating how you use your time? Read on to learn how an understanding of the mind can help you regain control. Wishing you insights, All of us at Insight Principles   Are You Busy? I love greeting cards. I recently came across a card with this humorous message: If I’m so busy, How come I’m not rich? It does seem that everyone you ask these days says

  • Issue #64, December 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! This is our final newsletter of 2018. We hope you enjoyed these monthly messages and that they have helped evolve your understanding of the principles behind the human mind. Please let us know any topics of interest for next year. Wishing you and your families a joyous 2019! All of us at Insight Principles   Are You Listening? Every year at this time, we look for a story that expresses the meaning and feeling of the holiday season. This year, just the right one came from our Insight Principles colleague and dear friend,

  • Issue #63, November 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Are certain jobs more worthy of respect? Must you like your job in order to do it well? Does your job determine your self-worth? Read this month’s newsletter as we address these interesting questions. Respectfully, All of us at Insight Principles   Is Your Job Worthy of Greatness and Respect? Recently I read an article in Forbes Magazine. (Click here for the complete article ) The author was dismayed by what she describes as a lack of respect for certain less glamorous jobs. She makes the point that all honest work is something

  • Issue #62, October 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! This month’s newsletter is about passion. How can such a positive feeling create unproductive noise in the human mind? Read on to find out.   Let's Get Passionate Recently, we worked with a leadership team brimming with passionate people. These people love their company (most have been there a decade or more), are experts in their fields, and are very dedicated to the people they serve. In other words, they are passionate. The team was facing a business challenge that, if not remedied, could severely hurt the business. They needed insights and they

  • Issue #61, September 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! This month Ken Manning shares his experience giving a TEDx Talk and explains how his understanding of insight principles helped him. If you want to see Ken’s TEDx Talk, click here. Ken would love to get feedback so please email your comments. My TEDx Talk Experience I recently had the honor and privilege of delivering a TEDx Talk last April. My intent was to explain the essence of insight principles and motivate people to want to learn more, all condensed into a 17 minute talk. It was a challenge. In fact, it was one

  • Issue #60, August 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Do you use your smartphone during meetings? Chances are you do more often than you realize, even if you disapprove of smartphone use during meetings. Read on for more about this interesting paradox. And don’t forget to check out the Tedx talk by Insight Principles’ Ken Manning. Watch it here. Smartphones and Meetings Don't Mix The USC Marshall School Of Business recently released a surprising study. Turns out that most people in the corporate world think smartphones don’t belong in business meetings. Here’s what the data showed: 86% think it’s inappropriate to answer

  • Issue #59, July 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Last month we wrote about the limitations of listening for agreement. Our newsletter inspired one of our readers to share his insights on listening. We love getting these contributions - please keep them coming. And if you have suggestions for newsletter topics, please send them along. We also are pleased to pass along a link to a recent TEDx Talk presented by our own Ken Manning. We will write more about this in following newsletters but we wanted to get it out to all of you right away. Take a look. Happy Listening! All of

  • Issue #58, June 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Isn’t agreement a good thing? Sure, but if you listen for agreement you might miss what is being said. Read on to learn more about the value of listening without your own ideas on your mind. Happy Listening! All of us at Insight Principles I Agree WithYou If you’re talking with someone and hear the words, “I agree with you,” you might feel like the listener hears you. You might welcome those words, as they mean the listener understands. You’re on the same page. They get it. Right? Sometimes. Recently, we were helping

  • Issue #57, May 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! What’s your personality? Does it matter? Do you need to know the personality type of your coworkers in order to communicate effectively? Read this month’s newsletter to see how the principles behind how the mind works shed light on these questions. All of us at Insight Principles Personality Test Recently, I  listened to a podcast about personality and the role it plays in the workplace. The podcast host interviewed a principal in a management consulting firm. At this firm, new projects happen every few months, and the company forms a new project team

  • Issue #56, April 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Welcome to Insights and Implications. This month we cover some very intriguing psychological research that adds additional perspective to the principles behind how the mind works. Happy Spring! All of us at Insight Principles The "Happiness Advantage" Can being happy actually boost your performance? The answer is a resounding yes, according to the latest psychological research. Here are just some of the findings: 75% of job success is predicted by optimism level, while IQ level predicts job success only 25% of the time. People who are in a positive state compared to those

  • Issue #55, March 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! This month we are addressing a topic of great interest to leaders in companies all over the globe. Read on for our take on diversity and inclusion. We also want to make you aware of a new resource. Our teacher and mentor, the late Syd Banks, left behind books and recordings to help us on our learning journey. Free downloads of some early recordings are now available on the website All the best, All of us at Insight Principles Diversity and Inclusion Diversity and inclusion are CEO-level concerns at most companies. Top

  • Issue #54, February 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Welcome to Insights and Implications. This month we respond to a question from one of our readers. We love hearing from you so keep the questions coming. All the best, All of us at Insight Principles What about those negative people? We received the following question from a reader: Have you ever observed someone who refuses to experience the joy of life, ie., the glass is always half empty (or worse)? I get sad when I see someone missing the upsides. The deeper I care about someone, the tougher it is for me

  • Issue #53, January 2018 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Welcome to the first Insights and Implications of 2018. We hope the new year is off to a good start. This month we are looking at the phenomenon of a “daymare” - like a nightmare, only it happens during the day. Please read on.   All the best, All of us at Insight Principles Awakening from a Daymare You’ve had nightmares. You know, the kind where someone is after you and you can’t speak and you can’t move. When you wake up and realize you are dreaming, it's a relief. There are also daymares.

  • Issue #52, December 2017 Welcome to Insights and Implications! Our final Insights and Implications for 2017. We will be back next year with more editions. Please send us any topics you’d like us to cover in 2018. Happy Holidays! Adrian, Cheryl, Elese, Ken, Nikki, Robin, and Sandy What Are You Grateful For? What are you grateful for? It’s a popular question this time of year. Perhaps your family traditionally reflects on this question around the holiday table. Or you may encounter it at religious services or even at business meetings. Or you may have read in self-help books the recommendation to make